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Golf for Beginners


with Ashton Benn

Calendar Sep 5, 2024 at 12 pm, runs for 4 weeks

This course will focus on how to begin playing the game of golf. Each week will cover a different aspect of the game from basic rules, formats of play, and history of the sport through the fourth week playing a nine-hole round of golf. Along the way students will learn the mechanics of the golf swing, use of clubs, putting and chipping, and be introduced to the variety of golf equipment and apparel that is essential to playing the game. At the end of the course, students will feel confident in their game regardless of age, ability, and physique.

Will run

A Female Advantage


with Carole Freeman

A comprehensive guide to women’s fitness and wellness teaches you how to use knowledge about your female body to exercise smarter, breathe deeper, boost your metabolism, strengthen your core and pelvic floor, and improve your endurance and performance. You will learn how to optimize your breathing pattern to increase oxygen delivery to your muscles and brain, adjust your exercise intensity and duration to match your hormonal cycle, prevent common injuries and imbalances that affect women. You will receive a link and a code for this class after you have registered and paid.

Breath-Taking 101


with Carole Freeman

Life is easier when you breathe easier. It’s estimated that 85% of us unknowingly use some type of poor breathing pattern that’s connected to feeling sick and tired. This class has helped many people feel healthier and stronger simply by learning to switch their every-day breathing to a more beneficial pattern. You will receive a link and a code for this class after you have registered and paid.

Breath-Taking at Night


with Carole Freeman

The #1 reason why so many people are sick and tired

This class teaches you how to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, stop snoring and wake up feeling rested.

You’d be shocked at how many health disorders are related to, if not caused by, faulty breathing during sleep. While many people feel there’s nothing they can do about snoring or waking frequently at night, they’d be just as surprised to know there’s more you can do about it than you think.

You and I know that you can’t possibly have your highest brain power, do your best performance, and function at your highest level when you are chronically fatigued and drained from a lack of deep restful sleep.

You will receive a link and a code for this class after you have registered and paid.

Curling for Beginners
Online Registration Unavailable

Curling for Beginners


with Rachel Petersen

Curling is sometimes referred to as chess on ice, where players use skill and strategy to slide polished granite stones to a target 150 feet away, and using curling brooms to influence the path of the stones. Learn to curl in one two hour session at the Belfast Curling Club and have fun playing this Winter Olympic sport. Wear loose comfortable clothing, dress in layers (you're on ice) and bring a separate pair of clean soled sneakers. Register with Belfast Curling Club only. Click on or call Steve McLaughlin at 207-685-9540. Provide your name, email address, phone number and desired session date and time. Registration fee of $40 must be prepaid to reserve a slot. A check, made out to “Belfast Curling Club” must be sent to Steve McLaughlin, 32 Lovejoy Pond Road, Wayne ME, 04284. All Learn to Curl participants who join the club right after the Learn to Curl session will have $40 deducted from their membership dues! The following sessions are available: Saturday, 10/21/23, Sunday, 10/22/23 Saturday, 1/6/24, Sunday, 1/7/24. Each date has two session choices: 10:30 am-12:30 pm or 1:00-3:00 pm.

High Altitude Vacationing


with Carole Freeman

Don’t spoil your trip to a higher altitude - condition your body first. People often feel shortness of breath, lightheaded and fatigued at higher altitudes because their bodies work harder, while taking in less oxygen. Anxiety increases, your enjoyment decreases. You’ll have more energy, feel better and enjoy your trip when you condition your body first to increase oxygenation and endurance. Do the same preparation that elite athletes do with this 4-week, self-paced course at home, even if you live at sea level. You will receive a link and a code for this class after you have registered and paid.

Pickleball Learn to Play
Online Registration Unavailable

Pickleball Learn to Play


with Craig Wilson

Come try your hand at one of the fastest growing sports in the country - Pickleball. Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. This weekly clinic will be held on the tennis courts at MRC and will consist of general instruction and open play. Please call MRC at 236-9400 to check availability and to sign up. Classes begin monthly.

Secrets to True & Lasting Health & Happiness


with Paula Apro

There's a secret formula to overcoming chronic pain and illness. If you’re ready to try something new, this free lesson is for you! This is a chance to open your eyes to the powerful world of energy medicine and learn about invisible energetic roadblocks that can prevent your body from healing. This 20-minute lesson will explain what it really takes to achieve true and lasting health, and uncover seven of the energetic roadblocks that can be standing in your way.

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